Ready to add some revenue to your birthday month?

This is a fast way to increase your revenue.

It's not long drawn out trainings.

It's going to get you promoting FAST!


During the Month You Get to Celebrate You...

You also get to celebrate your programs and offers that you can bundle, package or create.

  • All the resources you need to launch your birthday week (or month) celebration

  • Strategy

  • Launching

  • Pricing

  • Content

  • Templates

  • Strategy PDF Workbook to map it all out

  • BONUS: Cash Injection Masterclass 1 Hour

  • can use this for any celebration, it's birthday themed!

Also...this isn't going to take you days to watch.

Videos around 20 minutes.

Step by step workbook to support you mapping it all out.

You could start promoting it TODAY!

You probably already have created things you forgot about that you could sell today.

This is for you if you have programs you've created and/or want to create!

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FAQ's For The Birthday Cash Injection

How much time will this take?

The videos total around 20 minutes.

There's no fluff, just action steps.

The workbook is where the mapping it out comes in and times vary on how long it will take you to complete. (The masterclass is longer goes deeper and is 1 hour)

How much will I increase my revenue?

There is no guarantee on how much you will increase your revenue. It depends on how many raving fans you've created. How consistently you've positioned yourself as the expert. And how well your audience likes, knows and trusts you.

Can I use this at other times besides my birthday?

Yes and I talk about that in the videos. Have fun with it! You get to celebrate anytime you'd like!

Will this help me create something to sell?

This isn't for offer/program creation, although you receive ideas of things you've already created. You can also presell during your birthday explosion week/month if this asset isn't created yet.

Why is it only $7?

As someone who creates cash injections during her birthday week, I want you to be able to have access exactly on the steps I take and how I do it.

Do I need to show up on social media?

As I discuss in the videos, the more you show up the more success you will have (pending you have an audience where you've built trust and positioned yourself as the expert)

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