Visibility is Currency.  
The question is, are you visible enough?

Are you ready for The Visibility Explosion Bootcamp?

January 13th - 22nd

This will be an intense 10 days of getting visible, to explode your visibility.

Next date announced soon. (January) 


  • 10 Days of accountability, with daily action plans.
  • A visibility strategy that I help you create for your business.
  • A daily scorecard to make sure you are staying on track!
  • My 100 pieces of content from 1 video training.
  • A community atmosphere of doing this together and building life-long friendships.
  • Creating content that continues to improve and help you get visible over time.
  • Confidence to keep pushing through after this bootcamp is complete.

Wondering how it works? Here's the cliff notes version:

  • You will be put inside a private Facebook group.
  • You will record your beginning and ending analytics to show the growth between the 10 days.
  • Each morning I'll give you an assignment around 7 am EDT. You have 24 hours to complete the assignment so if you are in a different timezone it doesn't matter.
  • Every day you will use a scorecard to rate your visibility as "ignite" or "explode". Lighter days you may only ignite your visibility, this bootcamp is designed to be accountable but to also be designed that if you have a lighter day you should NOT give up. No Bootcamper will be left behind.
  • Each day you will get an email recap of the challenge of the day with a link to the actual video to review.
  • This is a community so we are encouraging and cheering each other on during the challenge.
  • We all want each other to succeed.
  • I am there to support and coach you during this 10 days and doing the challenge with you.
  • We will end with a collective interview series for everyone to select a timeslot and go live on my page.

How can you be more visible...

Are you consistent with posting content but feeling like you aren't reaching your audience with your message?

I love teaching my audience to create content, but creating content is not enough. Especially if you have plans to do everything organically or to get your content in front of as many people as possible. You need to get visible.  You need to have an omnipresence to show up in as many places as possible. Sure your content strategy is a part of that, but there is so much more involved in a visibility strategy.

Even if you are an introvert, you can learn to get visible to grow your business. 

As an introvert, I can attest that getting visible wasn't a natural, comfortable way to grow my business.  But through pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I've found it's the best way to show up and give my audience a chance to get to know me. Video is a powerful way to get visible, but also being consistent in your message.  Even if you've never done any of it or just haven't been consistent, I can help you get you more visible. 

If you aren't going to show up for your business- Know that your competition will!

This bootcamp is not for everyone.  It's going to be intense and there will be many action steps each day that we will continue to build on. But if I promised you visibility, it's hard to do that in 10 days with just 1 step a day right?  We need to build for now and the future.

Getting visible takes consistency and action. 

Imagine knowing you are showing up for your business.  Maybe that looks like more people feel connected to you and you are building that like, know and trust factor by bringing value over and over. Maybe that means less ad spend because you know you are showing up enough to grow the network you have or it's a chance to maximize the ad spend you currently have. 

Imagine followers and friends saying "You are everywhere."  That's when the magic starts to happen.

What Visibility has Done for My Business?

  • Being visible and showing up for my business has helped me to get featured in numerous articles
  • land clients I would have never met staying that 'behind the scenes' person
  • build relationships that I would have never created if they wouldn't have seen that video, that article, that speaking event I did, etc.
  • get more comfortable in my own skin
  • be able to reach audiences I couldn't have done with traditional social media content and
  • do things scared, once you start doing things scared, you are more likely to do more things scared.

Today is the day to say yes to

 The Visibility Explosion Bootcamp

Can I see you? Are you showing up? Where can I find you?

  • 1
    It's not our customers job to find or remember us, it's our job to show up daily for them.
  • 2
    If you aren't showing up and getting visible, how are you building that know, like and trust with your audience?
  • 3
    People do not buy products or services, they buy relationships stories and magic! -Seth Godin

See what my clients/customers have to say:

"I know I boosted my visibility and I couldn’t be happier!!"

"I just finished a 14 visibility boot camp. It really helped me to step out of my comfort zone and take on challenges that were out of my comfort zone. Crissy always showed up with energy and enthusiasm!! She was there to cheer me on!! She was always accessible!! I know I boosted my visibility and I couldn’t be happier!! Well worth the effort!!"

-Sheryll Golden

"You've been my marketing rock/genius..."

"I honestly don't know where to begin. You've been my marketing rock/genius, friend and all-around kick-ass person! You're always going above and beyond for me and for my businesses. If I had to choose one main thing you've done for me to help grow my business it would be making myself more visible and forcing me to do those damn Facebook Lives! I absolutely hated it in the beginning, it was so uncomfortable for me. Now, I look forward to it."

Laura Licursi,

Owner of Elite Virtual Assistants

I love when people say "you are everywhere on social media..."

"Visibility is critical for my business so I can help reach more business owners! Crissy has helped me explode my visibility without having to work 80 hours a week with weekly strategy, targeted ads and eye catching organic posts. I love when people say "you are everywhere on social media" because little do they know I have a powerful secret weapon...CRISSY! Just in the past couple months we have been able to reach over 30,000 business owners and also get 250 people added to my email list. This wouldn't be possible without being visible AF. If you are reading this right now you know my secret weapon and can maximize your visibility with Crissy in your corner! Are you ready to explode your visibility? "

Nellie Corriveau,

The Sales Queen

I'm so excited for you and your business!

January 13th - January 22nd

100% Visibility Guarantee!

If you show up and put in the time and the action steps for this challenge, you will see a change in your personal growth and your visibility.  We will check your analytics before and after.

"My FB page reach grew from 149 to over 11,000!"

"I recently joined Crissy in a visibility challenge over 14 days! It was amazing! I grew my confidence from a zero to an eight within the first few days! My FB page reach grew from 149 to over 11,000! All my other channels also had an amazing increase of reach! "

-Kim Cullen, Community Manager

"I would not have believed that was possible for this introvert..."

"Crissy's Video Challenge was an amazing turning point in my business. I'd been an entrepreneur for over 15 years but in a behind-the-scenes kind of business.

When I realized I need to get visible in my new business, I was absolutely overwhelmed and terrified to do video. I joined the challenge with trepidation - but once I was in, there was no turning back!

I am now quite visible in my Personal Protection business and go live almost daily!

I would not have believed that was possible for this introvert prior to the Video Challenge!

Thanks so much Crissy!"

If you are concerned you can't do this, let me be honest with you...

If you think you can't do this, you probably won't. I would love to sugarcoat this for you, but at the end of the day sometimes we need some tough love.  I'm here to guide you and this is going to take your action steps to make it happen. If I could show up for you, I would 100% do that, but you have to take the steps that you are given daily during this bootcamp and do them to the best of your ability with the mentality of done is better than perfect.

As an introvert, recovering perfectionist and that girl who worries about what everyone will think of you know how hard it was for me to write that above paragraph? But it's true.  Sometimes we just gotta be real with ourselves and push through our fears, excuses and doubts and just do it.

I want you in this challenge with me, but there's no arm twisting.

I want you to be ready to work, take action and find something else besides excuses.  Maybe we'll implement push-ups for each excuse in the group like my friend Nellie. We will do whatever it takes to get the things done. But you know what? When people say "Oh my gosh Becky, you are everywhere!" You are just going to smile, knowing that is what you've worked for!

We start on Wednesday, January 13th!

"Cultivate visibility because attention is currency.” -Chris Brogan

P.S.: I do want to whip your visibility in shape, it will be hard, we will push each other out of our comfort zones, but the great news is, we are doing this together!

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