We launch with fun, long-term results and

less stress around here!

When I polled my audience last year, 80% of you said that launching is stressful, scary, full of failures, exhausting and that most of you plain out dread launching. What if I told you there's a way to flip the script?

You're not alone feeling the pressure to constantly be in 'launch mode', chasing short term results but feeling like you're always starting over.

You deserve a launch strategy that feels like you, sees the results you desire and leads you there in a way that doesn't feel like you have to live at your desk and not able to live your life during your launches.

Ignite Your Launch is $277 or 2 Monthly Payments of $140

and you get ACTIVATION immediately as a bonus!!!😱

Ignite Your Launch is...

  • Launching with a framework, but still giving you the freedom to do what works for you. Boundaries? Yes, please.

  • Learning how to make money before, during and after the launch.

  • Finding the type of launch that's aligned for you AND works for you

  • Learning how to create your content around your launch

  • Learning how to create launch goals and still live your life during the launch

  • Creating an email sequence that you can change for each new launch product or offer

  • Working smarter, not harder in the process, it wouldn't be one of my programs without this!

  • Preparing you for the strategy, the mindset and energetics of the launch process and to create results we can't imagine, we get to have all 3

  • See my story below if you still aren't sure...

Get ACTIVATION as a bonus, set your launches up for success by activating your audience before the launch or in the middle of your launch to create hype and excitement!

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Before you think...Crissy you launch all the time...Here's my story about launching.

“I'm never launching again.” Think T Swift...we are never ever getting back together is the level I felt about it.

🥹The words I said, after several unsuccessful launches.

🥹They felt heavy.

🥹They felt like failures.

🥹They felt stressful.

🥹It felt like everyone was watching me fail publicly.

🥹I lost my confidence.

🥹I lost my belief.

🥹I based my worth on an unsuccessful launch. (I want to go back and shake myself and say are you serious right now?)

🌅One day I woke up and said "you know what this isn't going to be my story anymore." I searched the internet. I searched podcasts and came across someone that peaked my interest. Then I went and did what any logical mad crazy person would do and I stalked her social media.

She had a program that was almost $4k for 4 weeks that could help me. I didn't bat an eye, I was desperate to fix my launch and selling problems.

I joined the program and instantly had ah-ha's.

And then I decided to do the only thing I could.

I launched, not when the program was over, but 5 days in.

💍And then I made a vow to myself. This was the internal monologue “Crissy, you hated video in 2016. You got on video and even though at first you sucked and still didn't love it, you kept doing it, then you got better and better and better. It's the same with launching. You mastered video and visibility through repetition. You can do the same thing with launch and selling”. And since that day I have launched at least once a month (sometimes more) and sold almost every single day. I've sold low ticket, I've sold mid ticket and I've sold high ticket.

Here's the thing, I now love launching.

It isn't stressful - not even if I don't get the results I wanted.

It isn't something that “takes over my life” it works with my life.

Since that training, I've taken about 4 more launching and selling programs, not because it didn't work but because I wanted to continuously improve. It's the same thing I do with content creation. I am going to continuously grow and I refuse to allow my fears to stop me.

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