Ready to explode your visibility?

We are going to do that in 7 days.

You get to start sewing seeds for the future harvest and it all starts with this 7 days.

Are you ready? I'm going to show you what's possible in 7 days!

(Whatever 7 days you choose, do this on your time)

Visibility Explosion Week

looks like this...

  • You choose the day you start.

  • Scorecard to score yourself to see each day

  • Each day a new module will drop.

  • You decide whether you are working through the weekend or taking the weekend off and picking back up the following Monday/Tuesday (stay aligned with your business model)

  • This is perfect to get your momentum going and you decide how it looks after the 7 days.

This isn't going to take you hours each day, I am a work smarter not harder kinda girl.

Visibility Explosion WeekI'm in!
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FAQ's For Visibility Explosion Week

How much time will this take?

7 days (you can take the weekends off if you choose to do so and carry on to Monday and Tuesday)

I struggle with accountability.

I will be reminding you daily that we are exploding your visibility daily. If you need ongoing accountability support you may be interested in On the Go Mentoring here.

What platforms do I need to be on?

The platforms you want to be on only.

Do I need to create video?

Video is highly encouraged in this program, but there are ways to increase your visibility without always talking or showing your face.

Will there be trainings?

There will be quick explanations but no full blown trainings in this program.

I have a busy week, I'm not sure if I can fit it in.

The point of visibility is to work smarter not harder and make it a part of your daily to do list, I am going to show you how and increased visibility looks different to each of us.

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